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Gmail is a free web-based email service and is provided by the internet giant Google. The service was first brought out in the year 2004 to compete with other existing email services that included Hotmail and Yahoo. In the beginning the service was only available via invitation and was in its beta version. In the year 2007 the service became free for all, but continued to be offered in its beta version. It was only after 2009 that the full-fledged version of the service was brought out, which was warmly received by everyone all around the world.

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Gmail's email services are today the most popular services in the world of its kind, and enjoy a user base of well over 425 million, which is more than 60 million above its nearest competitor, Microsoft’s Hotmail. What makes this service even better is its innovative features, such as largest inbox size, integrated chat messenger, Google Sky Drive, common username for all of Google’s services, and many more.

However, at times one may experience issue with some or the other feature of Gmail, thereby making him look for support services from the official Gmail Support team. Getting some help & Support for Gmail at that time would always be desirable, and you can approach either someone you know or Google team directly for it.

Google offers Support for Gmail services to its users for free via online help, which can be accessed from here. 

Note: Official Gmail help for such issues is only available in the form of online written text, and not in the form of Call-in Tech Support, as is offered by Tech Support Mart.

The most common assistance that one can usually require with his Gmail account includes:

  • Not able to access email account
  • Changing password
  • Archiving mail
  • Changing username
  • Making changes to Settings
  • Forwarding messages to some other email address

Answers to such questions can also be found at Help for Gmail page, by clicking here.
Note: We are not Gmail®/Google® and neither do we claim to be associated with Gmail®/Google® or representing Gmail®/Google® in any way. Please read our service disclaimer here for more information.
Why us? 
So why would you call us when you can refer to the online help guide available from Google. If you are looking for one reason behind this, we will give you way more than that:

  • You don’t have to wait for a technician to show up at your doorstep
  • You don’t have to wait for long before your problem is fixed
  • We use secure remote access to connect to your PC and fix your issue
  • You can hang up and relax; we will let you know when we are done
  • With average experience of over 5 years behind each of our experts, we understand what you could ask for
  • We also support all those issues that are not covered by online Google Help

Give us a call today to experience our world-class Tech Support for Gmail. Apart from what’s mentioned above, our experts can cover a host of other issues as well (Support for which is not provided by Google) such as:

  1. Mail encryption – To increase the security of your email when you send it, so that even if it gets hacked no one can find its content ever!
  2. Configuring desktop email clients such as Outlook – If you love reading your emails on your computer, and even when you are not connected to the internet, this one feature is meant for you. You can contact us to have your email account configured, and then access your emails and read them anytime and anywhere.
  3. Configuration of your smart phone or any other web-enabled device to receive emails – Love reading your emails on your smart device? Let us help you configure it with your Gmail account, so that you can check them on the go, without needing a laptop or a machine to do that!
  4. Linking multiple accounts – If you have multiple accounts and you hate signing into them individually we can help you have them all at the same place, thereby needing to access them all with just one sign-in account.
  5. Managing account setting such as ‘Auto Mail Forward’ – If you want to put a filter, set away message or perhaps an auto mail forward setting, we can help you set them all with ease.

You can also take a look at our Support Plans to identify the one that best suits your need. By calling us right now, you can also have your PC Health Checkup done for free!

When you call us, our Tech Support Specialist will collect all the necessary information from you. He will then seek your permission to take secure remote access of your PC, after which he would start working on your issue. You can then choose to either stay on call or hang up while our technician works his magic. After the problem is fixed, he will give you a callback to take a conformation if the problem has been resolved to your contentment.

We’ll also help you with measures to undertake similar issues in future by yourself.

Our Tech Support Specialists are available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Call our Technical Support number for Gmail to avail our expert assistive services today!

Read through our FAQ's for more details.


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