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Hotmail is one of the most popular email services of today. The service was founded in the year 1996 by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia. By 1997, the service had become very much popular, and so much that world’s largest software developer firm Microsoft acquired it in the same year. After buying the service, Microsoft rebranded it to MSN Hotmail and integrated several other functionalities of its own into this service. As per a survey done in the year 2011, the service had well over 360 million users, and was the leading email service provider in the whole world, before Google’s Gmail took over the lead in the following year.

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Even today, the number of users of Hotmail (now termed as Outlook) is still rising rapidly, owing to the ease of use and sophisticated features that Microsoft offers with it. All of these features are available to all for free, which again make Hotmail a popular service provider among all. The most popular features that have been integrated with Hotmail include Sky Drive, Office Web Apps (similar to Microsoft’s another product MS Office Suite), customizable inbox architecture, quick view feature and many more.

Skype also runs under brand Microsoft now, and the company has plans to make it the official tool for video chatting for Hotmail, which will be accessible right from the user’s inbox! This feature has already been rolled out in several countries, and soon will be available in all the rest as well.

There are a number of issues that you as a customer could come across at times with your Hotmail email account. At such times, you could always refer to Help for Hotmail, which is again available for free to all. You could follow the above given link to reach them directly.

Several kinds of issues have been explained in detail on the official Support for Hotmail Page, which you can consult while working on some issue of yours. These issues are mostly common for all users, and which is why Microsoft has listed them all on its official page for Technical Support for Hotmail. A few of these are:

  • Account temporarily blocked
  • Hacked account
  • Forgotten password or other problems signing in
  • Restore deleted email messages
  • Send and receive mail from other email accounts
  • Share photos and files
  • Optimize Internet Explorer for Hotmail

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There are times when you may have a good idea that how you can fix your issue on your own, but do not have enough time to sit around and do it. Or it could be that your problem has become a lot more complex than what you expected, and you are not in a situation to wait for response from Hotmail Support after you have keyed in your query on their Feedback page asking them for assistance. At those times, Tech Support Mart could provide you with quality services for Help & Support for Hotmail, in return for a nominal amount of fee.

Call us up if it is some world class Tech Support for Hotmail that you wish to obtain Apart from what’s mentioned above, our experts can also assist you with a plethora of other queries, which you may happen to experience while working on something else. The official Support Page for Hotmail may not have answers for all of your queries, but you can always get to have them answered from our experienced live tech support team. These queries can be related to anything such as the ones cited below:

  • Encrypting mails and making them secure from all anti-elements
  • Backing up important emails at some remote location so that they can be accessed whenever they are needed
  • Configuring your smart phone and/or tablet PC to send and receive emails from your Hotmail account
  • Some other customized service that you wish to avail but cannot get it from official Hotmail support.

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Our representatives make use of the latest remote access technology to troubleshoot your issues. It is completely safe and also let our experts determine the root cause of your issue within a matter of minutes. You always have the option to opt out of it, but we will always recommend that you always make use of it first before forming up any sort of opinion about it.

Upon your request, we will also help you with measures that you can take up to tackle similar issues in future by yourself, which will save you time and also you won’t need to rely upon anyone to solve it for you again.

Our Tech Support Specialists are available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Call us on our Tech Support number for Hotmail at 0800-756-2992 to avail Tech Support for Hotmail Service today! With us, you can always stay assured of a certain resolution at the earliest, and this is also we are always proud of!

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